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Weapons of Mass Entertainment

Our Armories have a large range of Weapons to Hire for Stage and Screen Production, and can source Rare or Restricted Props when the occassion arises. Please see below for a Rough Guide to Prices, but bear in mind that these can vary according to Duration/Type of Hire/Weaponry. All Weapons provided are Legal within this Country for Theatrical and Cinematic Use. We can even Build from Scratch if you want something Truly Original, although this can be an Expensive Option

Swords for Hire


All of our Weapons are Tried and Tested for Stage Combat and Fighting for Screen, although the Rigours of Performance can always throw up some unforeseen issues! We can Demonstrate to Stage Managers and Art Departments how to Care for your Props, but For Film Work, we recommend that our Armourer is Present whenever the Weapons are being used in shot (whether fighting or not, I'm afraid). Daily Rates for the Armourer can be discussed when ordering Weaponry


Rapiers from £25/Week

Daggers from £18/Week

Broadswords from £25/Week

Knives from £18/Week


Please Note that Weaponry is not necessarily Uniform. Please let us know if this is what you require for your show

Basket Hilt Broadsword
Modern day Combat Knife suitable for use on Stage or Fightiing for Film
Period Dagger (approx 13th century) for use on Stage or Fighting for Film
1 Handed Broadsword Suitable for Stage or Fighting for Film

Guns for Hire


Ah, the Pitfalls of Realistic Prop Firearms! Let us solve them all for you - we have a variety of Realistic Prop Firearms available and the wherewithal to source them if we have not got the Model that you require. Please be aware that the Law regarding Realistic Replica Firearms is rightly Rigorous - if you wish to discuss your need please get in touch with our Director of Operations, and if he cannot help you he can put you in touch with our Armourer


'Antique' Firearms:


Flintlock Pistols from £12/Week

Western Pistols from £15/Week

Pre 1869 Rifles/Shotguns from  £22/Week


WW1 and WW2 Weaponry from £45/Week


'Modern' Firearms


Pistols from £28/Week

Shotguns from £34/Week

Rifles from £44/Week


Modern Security Equipment


Please be Aware that Modern Security Equipment such as Tasers, Pepper Spray and Extendable Batons are classed as Section 5 Weapons and, as such, come under the Firearms Act (VCR). We can supply replicas of these props, please feel free to get in touch about your needs.










Please be Aware that Delivery will be charged at Cost: we prefer to Deliver our Props in Person, or they can be Collected. Please be Aware that Return of the Props is the Responsibility of the Hirer unless Otherwise Arranged

Replica Prop Weapon detailed enough for Camera or Live Performance
Prop Weapon suitable for Film or Stage Combat
Blank Firing Replica suitable for Screen or Stage Combat when Firing is required
Blank Firing Replica suitable for Screen or Stage Combat
Constructed Prop suitable for Screen or Stage Combat
Constructed Prop suitable for Screen or Stage Combat

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