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Cutting Edge Combat

More Weaponry for Hire - Swords, Daggers, Knives et al... Stage Combat and Fighting for Film

Light Armouries

Prop Weapons and Padded Weaponry for Film, Theatre and LARP, best suited to Fighting for Film

As If By Magic

Costume for Hire, to Buy and Made to Order. Great for Stage Combat or Fighting for Film


Profound Decisions

Professional LARP Company, probably the closest (safest) thing to Real Battles. Useful for Stage Combat Performers or for Staging and Extras for Fightng for Film


International School for Screen Acting

The Country's Foremost Providers of Training in Acting for Screen and Camera. Fighting for Film Certification also available


RaAW London and YPTC

Agency, also offering training and Workshops for Adult and Young Actors.

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