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Gladius, Gladiuses or maybe Gladii. Possibly Gladioli
Performance and Fighting for Film


The First Course of its Kind - The Opportunity to train in all forms of Acting and Fighting for Film, the chance to become a Real Action Hero


Classes in: 9 Different Weapons Systems, Martial Arts,

                          Riding, Fencing, Archery, Gymnastics, Firearms Handling


Certify with the British Academy of Fighting for Film and the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat!


Build an Extensive Fighting and Performance Showreel!


Britain's First Full Time Performance and Action for Screen Course!


Unnecessary Exclamation Marks!


Please contact for further details

Regular Courses:


BAFF Certified Courses


Evenings from January 2020: Certify in one of the following Weapons - Sword + Shield, Quarterstaff, Swashbuckling,

Rapier + Dagger, Unarmed


£350/person, BAFF Members £300. 10 Places on each course

Annual Weekend Workshops from 2020

Last Weekend February

Last Weekend April

Last Weekend June

Last Weekend October

Renew Certification with the BAFF or BASSC or just come for the Craic. Weapons Vary, Renewals as per your Preference

Annual Intensives

Intensive Week or 2 Week Workshops


Please be Aware that these are proposed Dates/Locations and may be subject to change. If you have a group of people that would like to run an intensive workshop on these dates or any others, please feel free to contact our Director of Operations at

Workshops will run with the Weapon of Your Choice


Dates:                                              Location                             


1st 2 Weeks December        Three Mills Studios 

1st 2 Weeks August                Three Mills Studios

£350/Week or £550/2 Weeks

Sword Classes

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