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Fighting for Film

Fighting for the Camera, whilst sharing many of the Techniques used in Stage Combat, requires a Different Approach from the Performers. We have developed an Extensive Range of Classes based around Fighting for Film, from Refreshers to Full Training Sessions, and Continue to work towards this discipline being Recognised and Certified by Equity and the Stage Fighting Organisations across the Country.  For the Camera, Energy, Movement and  often take precendence over Individual Moves, but Technique is still the Foundation for Great Performance

Savage Media, dir. Bill Thomas, 2nd Unit dir Sam Kahn

Stage Combat

From the Greek Classics through Shakespeare all the way to Contemporary writing, Conflict is at the Heart of Drama. We Provide Training for Professionals and Students alike in the Physical Performance of Dramatic Conflict, or teach them how Not to Hit Each Other whilst Making it Look as if they are. Courses and Workshops are all based on the Needs of the Students and Performers

River Productions, dir. Paul Mooney, Fight Dir. Sam Kahn

Class and Workshop Models

1 or 2 Week Intensive Course

Based over 6 - 11 Days (Mon - Fri then Mon - Sat), the Intensive Workshop is one of the Best Ways to Study for the Fight Performance Test, a Qualification in Fighting for Stage and Screen. Prices Start from £450/person, suitable for Professional Actors, Drama Students or Young Professional Performers.


Weekend Workshops: Fighting for Film or Stage Combat


2 Day Weekend Workshops based around a Variety of Subjects, or tied together to complete the Hour Requirement for either of the Intensive Workshops. Prices Vary depending on Content. Suitable for all ages


Evening Classes resulting in Certification in Fighting for Film or the Stage Combat Fight Performance Test 


Training once a week for 2 - 2 1/2 hours in preparation for the Fight Perfomance Test. Prices Vary depending on Location and numbers, but start from around £250

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